[★TRENDING] Jessica Jung addresses floating marriage rumors with Tyler Kwon

With numerous rumors surrounding Jessica Jung and Tyler Kwon‘s supposed marriage plans, Jessica has finally spoken up in a recent interview.
On October 23rd, Jessica attended the “2014 Mission Hills World Celebrity Pro-Am” in China. There, she responded to the pressing marriage rumors between her and Tyler Kwon to Chinese media outlet, Youku Full Entertainment.

In the interview below, Jessica explains how these rumors are not true, and that she “doesn’t have any plans on getting married anytime soon.” However, she continued, “it’s every girl’s dream to get married,” concluding that she would like to in the future.

Tyler Kwon has previously addressed these marriage rumors as well, saying he does not have any marriage plans within the near future.

Recently, Jessica has been making her presence in China known, as she previously appeared at Lane Crawford‘s event as well as updated her Weibo to thank fans for their never ending support.

Check out her interview below, as she responds in English throughout the Youku interview.

Also, check out Koreaboo’s Jessica timeline for the latest news and updates:

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