TRI.BE Member Jinha Will Officially Leave The Group

She was on hiatus for the past year.

TRI.BE member Jinha is leaving the girl group.

TRI.BE’s Jinha | TR Entertainment

On July 21, TRI.BE’s agency, TR Entertainment, officially announced that Jinha would be departing from the group. Since May of last year, Jinha took a break from TRI.BE activities due to health reasons. TR Entertainment stated that after talking about the singer and her future, the company and Jinha made a decision to focus on her health.

Since May of last year, Jinha has been on hiatus due to health reasons and has been focusing on receiving sufficient treatment and rest. Until recently, we have been in discussions with Jinha regarding her future activities in the entertainment industry, and we have had many conversations about her return, as fans have been waiting patiently. However, after a mutual agreement with Jinha, we have decided to conclude her activities with TRI.BE and focus more on her health recovery for the time being.

— TR Entertainment

They also apologized to their fans and asked for their continued support.

We apologize once again to all the fans for this decision. We ask for your continuous love and support for the remaining six TRI.BE members and Jinha.

— TR Entertainment

TRI.BE as a seven-member group | TR Entertainment

TRI.BE debuted as a seven-member group on February 17, 2021, under TR Entertainment and Universal Music Group. They released their debut single album Da Loca, and have consistently released music since. When Jinha went on hiatus due to health issues last May, the group did promotions as a six-member group, and they will continue to do so.


Source: Wikitree
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