TripleS’s Kim Chaeyeon Accused Of School Bullying By Popular TikToker But Netizens Turn The Tables

Netizens find it hard to see the issue.

Triple.S‘s Kim Chaeyeon was recently accused of “school violence” by a popular TikToker and singer, Kwang Ree. Kwang Ree gained popularity for his comedic videos on the short video platform, later making a debut as a singing duo, Brave Boys.


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He used his platform of about 48,000 followers on TikTok to accuse Kim Chaeyeon of bullying him when they were in school together. Before Chaeyeon’s debut with tripleS, she was also in the group Busters and on the popular kids’ show Boni Hani.

Kwang Ree detailed his experience with Chaeyeon in a long post.

We were in the same class in the third year of middle school. I was made into an outcast by her clique. During our graduation, I took a photo with Kim Chaeyeon, and I used the photo as my KakaoTalk profile photo. After that, one person from her clique contacted me on KakaoTalk. They forcibly threatened me along with words of ridicule as they said, “Chaeyeon is f*cking disgusted with how you’re acting like you’re close to her. She said you’re f*cked up and asks you to take the picture down quickly.” After that, as someone from the same industry, I tried to resolve things and DMed Chaeyeon through her official Instagram account. But there was no reply or apology from her and after that, I was hugely traumatized and even got social phobia. I want to hear the truth from Kim Chaeyeon and if there is anything to apologize for, I want to get an apology. Currently, I’ve already sent my statement to MODHAUS.

— Kwang Ree

Kwang Ree continued to attack Kim Chaeyeon publicly, commenting, “I have a lot to say… Chaeyeon-ah… PTSD #TheGlory” on a public video of her.

MODHAUS has yet to release any statement, but netizens are questioning the validity of Kwang Ree’s accusations. They feel that the incident might not qualify as bullying.

| theqoo
  • “Why is a man uploading someone else’s photo as their profile pic without permission?”
  • “I think her friend just exaggeratedly relayed her words… What a fuss.”
  • “Why would you use someone’s pic as your PFP?”
  • “Over not what she said personally but what someone else said?? Seems like he’s got a victim complex.”
| theqoo
  • “I would’ve felt like f’*ck too”
  • “I still don’t see the issue.”
  • “Get a grip… Just go an film your TikToks.”
  • “What…I mean…it’s not even what she said personally.”

Kwang Ree continues to press the matter on his social medias while Kim Chaeyeon has yet to produce a statement on the issue.

Source: theqoo