TripleS Is Exhausting K-Pop Fans With Their “Classroom-Sized” Full-Member Line-Up

“How do the members even remember each other’s names 😭”

On May 8, rookie K-Pop girl group tripleS released their first song as a whole group, “Girls Never Die”.

Prior to this, tripleS had several releases from sub-unit groups such as Acid Angel from Asia, +(KR)ystal EyesLOVElution, and more.

With the smaller-group releases, it could be easy for some fans to forget just how many members are actually in tripleS. But now, with their debut as a whole group, it’s become quite clear just how huge and, to some, overwhelming the member line-up of tripleS really is.

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There are a whopping 24 members in tripleS, and seeing them all together really puts into perspective how challenging it must be to manage such a huge K-Pop group!

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They even take up the whole infamous stairway at Inkigayo, a feat never done before by any other group.

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Not only has tripleS become known for their many members, but also their unique style of management. Basically everything about the group, from their stage names to their subunit formations, is chosen based on fan votes in an attempt to let fans be directly involved in the group’s creative process. Fans earn voting tokens called “COMO” by purchasing NFT photocards known as “Objekts”, and they use these tokens to vote for and influence different aspects of tripleS’s production.

The money spent on these “Objekts” seems to be the major source of income for tripleS, though some fans still worry about if all of the members are being paid fairly.

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Many are also finding it daunting to try and learn the names of all of the members, though someone made a helpful diagram with each member’s name using the Inkigayo picture.

| The Qoo

Members, from left to right & top to bottom:
Lynn, Soomin, Chaewon, Sullin
Mayu, Yubin, Chaeyeon, Seoyeon
Dahyun, Yeonji, Nien, Sohyun
, Jiyeon, Seoah, Kotone
Jiwoo, Kaede, Shion, Joobin
Yooyeon, Hyerin, Xinyu, Nakyoung

Seeing their performances just adds a whole new level of amazement to how such a big group can be managed and coordinated.

Here’s how netizens are reacting to tripleS’s full member line-up with their latest comeback.










Are you overwhelmed by tripleS, or have you taken the plunge into learning all of the members?

Source: The Qoo and Pann Choa


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