Troye Sivan Responds To The Potential Of A Collaboration With BTS’s Jungkook And Jimin

That is a collaboration we need!

Although BTS is one of the biggest groups in the world, the members are just like all of us as they are fans of other musicians. In the past, one artist who has always received love from the members in many ways is Australian singer Troye Sivan.

Troye Sivan | @troyesivan/Instagram

Over the years, the members have showcased their love and respect for the artist in many ways, whether it was Jungkook and RM covering his track “FOOLS”…

BTS’s RM (left) and Jungkook (right)

V posting a story of himself listening to Troye Sivan’s “Easy” on Spotify, tagging the singer and adding the song’s lyrics over it with Instagram’s music sharing feature…

| @thv/Instagram

And Jimin even shared that Troye Sivan was his dream collaboration.

In the past, Troye revealed he had actually worked with the group before as the track “Louder Than Bombs” was actually one of the first songs Troye Sivan had ever written. Well, it seems like the Australian singer would be more than up for another chance to work with the group.

Troye Sivan recently appeared in a video for AskAnythingChat, and the singer answered questions from fans on different topics.

One fan, in particular, asked about the group. They explained that as the members have shared their admiration for Troye, would he want to work with them again in the future.

Jungkook and Jimin often speak about how much they love your songs. Thoughts on working with them in the future?

— Troye Sivan

Without even hesitating, Troye Sivan explained that he would “love that.” He then shared that, like with “Louder Than Bombs,” he enjoys writing tracks for other people and sharing his ideas with other artists.

I would love that… I really really really love writing for other people and that’s something that I’ve wanted to do for a long time.

— Troye Sivan

He then shared that if the opportunity arose, he would definitely want to do it, adding, “So if they ever want to write… or for me, or for us, or whatever, I’m very very down.

When the clip was shared on Twitter, ARMY couldn’t stop getting excited at the idea of either a collaboration between the artists or Troye being able to write another amazing track for them.

Yet, it isn’t the first time Troye Sivan has shared his desire to interact with the group. During an Instagram live back in 2020, after sharing that he had worked on “Louder Than Bombs,” he explained that he also hoped that he could meet them someday as well. “I wanna meet them. I still haven’t met them. Can’t believe it.”

Both BTS and Troye Sivan are such accomplished artists and it would be amazing to hear all their voices together on one track. No doubt, if it happens again, it will be hard to know who is more excited as they seem to be huge fans of each other.

You can read more about Troye Sivan and what it was like working with BTS below.

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