Troye Sivan Says BTS Are Insane Singers and Dancers, Wants To Collab

He’s in love with BTS.

A Troye Sivan and BTS collaboration is a real life situation that could be coming to fruition and fans are stoked.

He spoke to Z90.3 Radio in San Diego, California about the possibility of a collaboration, as well as his most recent BTS binge session.

“That would be so fun. I fell way down the hole the other night, and was watching all their music videos and stuff…They’ve been so nice to me, since day one.”

Troye had nothing but kind things to say after checking out BTS’s music videos.

“They’re like insane dancers and singers…The music videos are so inspiring to watch…It just feels really really iconic.”

For those who don’t know, BTS loves Troye Sivan’s music.

Jungkook used “There For You” by Martin Garrix and Troye Sivan as the BGM for the vlog about his trip to Japan with Jimin.

RM and Jungkook also did a cover of Troye Sivan’s “Fools” as well.

The members have also posted about Troye’s music on their Twitter numerous times, and have been mutuals on Twitter for quite some time.

Troye Sivan Gives A Special Shoutout To BTS On Twitter

Troye Sivan also confirmed that he has heard RM and Jungkook’s cover of “Fools” as well.

Who is ready for the beautiful music Troye Sivan and BTS are going to make together?