“The True Airport Fashion” – Top Actors Including Kim Go Eun, Park Bo Young, And More Go Viral For Their Down-To-Earth Airport Fashion

Even Hollywood star Lee Byung Hun dressed down.

While many know “airport fashion” to be carefully planned out, often featuring sponsored outfits such as NewJeans for their various luxury brands…

…these actors from BH Entertainment have gone viral for what netizens deem as “true airport fashion!” Despite their top-class status, the stars dressed for comfort rather than to impress.

Han Hyo Joo covered up in a mask and cap, with her glasses tucked into the collar of her hoodie. We love the AirPod Maxes, a must-have for travel nowadays.

Cutie Park Bo Young kept it simple but clean in a pair of wide-legged pants and a white shirt.

Go Soo layered a denim shirt over a tee, choosing to go for glasses over contact lenses.

We love sseuraegi — sorry, Jung Woo‘s slippers, polo, and nylon backpack!

All Lee Hee Jun needed was his backpack and tumbler.

Hollywood star Lee Byung Hun was the most dressed up of the lot in his button-down. He kept it casual with his jeans and backpack.

Park Hae Soo was carefree in a tee and crossbody bag.

Lee Jin Wook didn’t even bother to tie the strings on his shorts.

Our favorite is Kim Go Eun‘s look. She paired a Chanel wallet-on-chain with slippers and trackies.

Netizens went crazy for the stars’ down-to-earth fashion.

| theqoo
  • Celebrities are always dressed up so this is actually better.
  • Seems like Ahn So Hee didn’t go. I wanted to see her airport fashion.
  • Everyone looks so natural.
  • Is Lee Byung Hun going on a field trip?
  • Kim Go Eun is cute. She looks like an idol.
  • True airport fashion.
  • Look how they came in trackies or shorts and slippers LOL
  • This is the real deal LOL

The actors of BH Entertainment are on their way to a workshop overseas. A true breath of fresh air amongst the dressed up looks that celebrities regularly sport!

Source: theqoo
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