“True Beauty” Actress Moon Ga Young Unveils Back Tattoo And Reveals Meaningful Story Behind It

It’s beautiful!

Actress Moon Ga Young recently sat down for an interview with Marie Claire Korea where she proudly showed off her tattoo and shared what inspired the design.

Moon Ga Young | @m_kayoung/Instagram

Dainty and elegant, her stunning tattoo is located on the right side of her back. It takes the shape of a bird’s wing, the feathers arranged artfully.

Moon Ga Young’s tattoo

In the interview, the True Beauty star explained that many people believe it’s a sticker, but it’s very much a real tattoo! “I really like it,” she added with a grin.

Since it could get complicated trying to show you here right now, I’ll share a picture instead. But I took this picture today—of my back. You’ll see that I have a tattoo there. And I guess there was a lot of curiosity about it, like, ‘Is it a sticker? Is it a real tattoo?‘ It’s real! I had it tattooed on my back.

— Moon Ga Young

According to the actress, the inspiration behind the design can be attributed to her mom. When her mom was pregnant with her, a bird-like dinosaur with jewels appeared in her dream. Thanks to this, the design’s origin made it even more meaningful in her eyes.

As for what the design means, it’s based on a dream that my mom had when she was pregnant with me. She dreamed of an archeopteryx draped in jewels. So I turned that into a design and got it tattooed.

— Moon Ga Young

Last, Moon Ga Young shared how pleased she is to be able to talk about the tattoo in the interview. “I’m actually really glad that I got to tell everyone about it on this video!” she exclaimed.

In an industry where tattoos are generally frowned upon, her revelation is a breath of fresh air!

| @m_kayoung/Instagram

Meanwhile, watch the full interview below.

Source: YouTube
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