Drama “True Beauty” Draws Criticism For Excessive Chinese PPL – Drama Representatives Respond

A representative gives an explanation.

Hit drama True Beauty has been gaining popularity for its heart-fluttering plot and top-tier visuals with ASTRO‘s Cha Eunwoo, actress Moon Ga Young and actor Hwang In Yeob. However, it has recently come under fire for what viewers think is excessive PPL from Chinese brands.

In a recent episode, Ju Gyeong stops by Seo Jun’s part time job as a model and is invited to stand-in on set as well. However, sharp-eyed viewers noted that the two were modelling for JD.com, a Chinese e-Commerce site.

Previously, a popular self-heating hotpot dish originating from China was also prominently displayed in the episode Ju Gyeong has a convenience store meal with Soo Jin.

Other huge banners in Chinese are also widely displayed in public areas such as bus stops in the drama.

The excessive amount of exclusively Chinese PPL has viewers wondering if it is a Korean drama or a Chinese one, especially when the set-up is meant to be Seoul. In response to viewers’ opinions, a drama representative claimed that K-Drama is gaining global popularity, hence the increased advertising offers from global companies. Chinese companies are just one out of the many.

In every drama, PPL is absolutely necessary, given that it is one way for the drama to gain more funds for filming and production.

Source: Star Today