Moon Ga Young, Im Se Mi and Park Yu Na Up For Roles In Webtoon Drama Adaptation “True Beauty”

We loved the webtoon and we can’t wait for the drama!

It has previously been announced by drama representatives that ASTRO‘s Cha Eunwoo was positively considering the role as the main lead, Su Ho, in webtoon drama adaptation True Beauty.

It looks like our leading prince may have found his princess – actress Moon Ga Young is positively considering the role of Ju Gyeong.

The premise of the drama features Ju Gyeong, a plain Jane that transforms drastically when she puts on makeup. She is caught in a love triangle between rebel Seo Jun and rich model student, Su Ho.


Other actresses are up for roles in the drama as well, including Im Se Mi and Park Yu Na. Park Yu Na has previously received lots of love for her roles as the rebellious daughter in Sky Castle, as well as in Cheese In The Trap. She is considering the role of Soo Jin, the antagonist that comes between Ju Gyeong and her friends.

Im Se Mi has shown a stellar performance in I’ll Come To You When The Weather Is Fine. Her offered role is not yet revealed to the public.

Fans are also ardently pushing for VIINI (Kwon Hyunbin) to take up the role of Seo Jun, given his synchronization with the character’s looks. In fact, writer Yaong has stated that she used VIINI as a drawing reference.

What do fans of the webtoon think about the choice of actors? In the meantime as we wait for the drama to be produced, the webtoon is still going strong to date, at its 113th chapter and counting.

Source: Naver and Newsen