“True Beauty” Webtoon Artist Yaongyi Shows Off Her Sexy Side With An Unreal Bikini Vid On Instagram

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The webtoon artist Yaongyi, behind the original of the hit K-Drama True Beauty, has gained quite a bit of attention ever since she revealed herself on Instagram

Webtoon artist Yaongyi | @meow91__/Instagram

… and her readers found an uncanny resemblance between her and her female lead character Im Joo Kyung. Always dolled to perfection with a gorgeous face and a “mannequin body,” Yaongyi’s Instagram is a whole aesthetic on its own.

Yaongyi (left) and Im Joo Kyung (right) | @meow91__/Instagram & NAVER Webtoon

In her latest update, Yaongyi showed off her super sexy side — with a video capturing her in a mini bikini! Though it came with a playful caption, asking her mother to “excuse the bikini picture,” Yaongyi’s unreal physique is definitely not playing around.

Mom, this is the last time I’ll upload [a bikini picture]…🥲 Your daughter is getting old now, so she probably won’t be able to do this anymore in the future… So please excuse… ( o༎ຶ▿༎ຶo ) #OneLastTime #Seriously #IPromise #MomILoveYou #PleaseDon’tCallMe

— Yaongyi

And the update is making her readers — and her recently-revealed boyfriend and fellow webtoon artist Jeon Seon Wook — swoon hard!


You’re seriously amazing!!! My love.

— Jeon Seon Wook @jsw0430

Previously, Yaongyi answered questions about plastic surgery. She revealed that while she has received some non-invasive procedures on her face, she is “all natural” from neck down.

I’m seriously baffled by people who ask me if I got hip surgery… It’s mine. My pelvis… Here’s an x-ray scan I once got because of my herniated disc.

— Yaongyi

A true beauty indeed!

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