“True Beauty” Webtoon Artist Yaongyi Reveals Her Son And Past Divorce

She explained her situation to fans.

True Beauty‘s webtoon creator, Yaongyi is well known for her tremendous success and youthful beauty that easily compares to her main character, Lim Jookyung. Yaongyi recently took to her Instagram to reveal a shocking truth about her life that she’s kept private over the past years.

She revealed a sweet photo of herself walking hand in hand with her son! Yaongi had previously revealed that she had been divorced but never mentioned if she had children. To answer many of her fans’ curiosity, she unveiled her personal story through Instagram.

| @meow91__/Instagram

Yaongyi shared, “I have a toddler that is more precious than my life. He is an existence that I have protected more so than my own life and will continue to do so.” She touchingly continued on to share that he’s now entered elementary school. Her love for her son overflowed in her message as she vowed to protect him forever.

He’s never been away from me for even a moment, but now has become an elementary school student. He is my motivation and the most precious thing I have, and I will protect him forever. It is because of his existence that I gain strength everyday even when I’m tired.

— Yaongi

She went on to thank the many people by her side that have helped her through raising the child, and of course, her fans as well. Yaongyi revealed that although she has been raising him alone, she will continue to do so and work harder in life.

Yaongyi also revealed in a previous interview that she has no plans on remarrying.

| @meow91__/Instagram
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