The Try Guys’ Eugene Lee Yang Transforms Into Iconic Korean Women From TV For Halloween

He’s all about representation!

Content Warning

This article includes descriptions of graphic content and violence that may disturb some readers.

Halloween has been a struggle for many Asian Americans as they are faced with many non-Asians portraying racist stereotypes and calling it a “costume.” There’s also another conversation about how the lack of representation in media gives so few good character options for Asians who wish to represent without reinforcing any stereotypes proudly.

One person who has successfully gone against stereotypes and proudly represented his Asian heritage on Halloween almost every single year is Eugene Lee Yang.

Eugene Lee Yang | @EugeneLeeYang/Twitter

Eugene is a Korean American filmmaker, actor, producer, author, director, and human rights activist. He also hangs out with cool people like Jessi and Eric Nam

Eric Nam (left) and Eugene Lee Yang (right) | @EugeneLeeYang/Twitter

You probably recognize him as 1/4 of The Try Guys! He’s one of the original BuzzFeed crew. He’s also an OG K-Pop fan!

From left: Keith Habersberger, Ned Fulmer, Zach Kornfeld and Eugene Lee | 2ND TRY LLC

This will be his 13th year doing his Asian Halloween tradition dubbed “Eugenoween.” Every year, he dresses up as a different Asian character, and it’s simply iconic.

| @EugeneLeeYang/Twitter

This year, he’s going harder than ever! It’s not even Halloween yet, and he has already released stellar cosplay shoots showing not just one, not even two but multiple characters.

He calls this year’s series “Beauty & Blood.” As an advocate for equality, especially in terms of Asian Americans and LGBTQIA+, his costumes this year couldn’t be better as he portrays powerful Asian women from film and TV. The first of the series is Eve Polastri from BBC America‘s Killing Eve.

Eugene Lee Yang as Eve | @EugeneLeeYang/Twitter

Eve is a spy played by Canadian American actress Sandra Oh who is also of Korean heritage.

Sandra Oh as Eve | BBC America

Actress Kat McNamara portrays the Villanelle to Eugene’s Eve.

Eugene Lee Yang (left) and Kat McNamara (right) | @EugeneLeeYang/Twitter

Jodie Comer plays villanelle in the original series.

Jodie Comer (left) and Sandra Oh (right) | BBC America

These two really killed it with this one!

| @EugeneLeeYang/Twitter
| BBC America 

Like do you see any difference?

| @EugeneLeeYang/Twitter

We don’t.

| BBC America

We don’t know if it can get better than this, honestly. He really set the bar high with this costume.

| @EugeneLeeYang/Twitter

Accurate AF!

| BBC America

Still, Eugene couldn’t do Halloween without doing something from this year’s most talked-about show and one of the most popular Korean shows of all time, the one and only Squid Game!

“Squid Game” poster | Netflix

Who is better to represent “Beauty & Blood” than the one and only Kang Sae Byeok? The lovely Jung Ho Yeon originally plays her.

Eugene as Sae Byeok | @EugeneLeeYang/Twitter

He got the set, props, outfit, everything exact! That’s definitely our beloved Sae Byeok!

Jung Ho Yeon as Sae Byeok | Netflix

He not only did the iconic green tracksuit but even her suit. Can we please talk about how perfect this is, from the set design to the makeup?

| @EugeneLeeYang/Twitter

He literally slayed.

| Netflix

Of course, we know Sae Byeok needs her Ji Yeong…

Lee Yoo Mi (left) and Jung Ho Yeon (right) as their “Squid Game” characters. | Netflix

Are we sure this isn’t a shot from the show? Could this be any more perfect at this point?

Wengie (left) and Eugene (right) | @EugeneLeeYang/Twitter

Lee Yoo Mi‘s character is portrayed in this photoshoot by music artist and content creator Wengie. Literal chills!

Wengie | @EugeneLeeYang/Twitter

She totally captured her vibes!

Lee Yoo Mi | Netflix

Love her or hate her, we can’t forget Han Mi Nyeo…

Eugene (left) and Mari Takahashi (right) | @EugeneLeeYang/Twitter

Played by Kim Joo Ryung on the show and portrayed by Japanese American YouTuber Mari Takahashi.

Mari Takahashi | @EugeneLeeYang/Twitter

She literally captured the character’s craziness, and we are shook.

Kim Joo Ryung | Netflix

If you think that’s all for feminist icons from Squid Game… Well, you’re mistaken.

| Netflix

We can’t forget this baddie! The creepy giant doll from “Red Light, Green Light” is none other than drag queen Kim Chi!

Eugene (left) and Kim Chi (right) | @EugeneLeeYang/Twitter

Eugene is continuing his Halloween tradition with new costumes leading up to October 31, so we can look forward to even more. His latest post is his take on Kill Bill‘s 17-year-old bodyguard Gogo Yubari.

Source: @EugeneLeeYang

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