TS Entertainment Can’t Confirm Jieun’s Dating News, Because She’s Suing Them

Jieun releases her own statement instead.

While actor Sung Hoon‘s agency Stallion Entertainment made an announcement that he was not dating SECRET‘s Jieun, TS Entertainment can neither confirm nor deny the rumors.


TS Entertainment spoke out that they could not reach Jieun. They admitted that they did not have any contact with Jieun and could do nothing to dispel the rumors.

“We don’t have any contact with Song Jieun. Please forgive us because we cannot confirm whether the two are dating nor can we say whether the rumors are true or not.”  TS Entertainment


Shortly after that Jieun decided to clear the matter up on her Instagram, where she clarified that she is not dating Sung Hoon or talking about joining his agency.

“Hello. I’ve just seen the news and I suspected you would be very surprised. I am sorry, but for the time being, I will have to communicate through Instagram. I met many good people and made many friends through the drama My Secret Romance and I am keeping these relationships even today. Sung Hoon is one of these friends. I also want to clear up the misunderstanding about the reports that say I am discussing a contract with Stallion Entertainment. These reports are false! I also have never revealed my intentions to focus on my acting to anyone. I no longer wish to hurt anyone who is involved with me. I hope many of you don’t misunderstand. I will come with good news soon. To the fans who are worrying, don’t! Have a nice day.” — Song Jieun

Source: News1 and Donga