TS Entertainment Under Fire For Not Paying Its Employees

The employees are demanding justice.

TS Entertainment was reported to the Seoul’s Ministry of Employment and Labor for their failure to pay their employees’ wages. Prior to this, they were also reported in August to the Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office on charges of not paying fair annual wages to their artists.

In an interview with SportsSeoul, employee A stated that TS Entertainment did not pay him.

TS failed to give me severance pay and annual allowances, so I reported the case to the Labor Department. Now they were sent for prosecution. If we report wage arrears, we go through a fixed period of time, during which we receive only a portion of our severance pay.

– Employee A

He explained why he decided to report the company to the rightful authorities.

I decided to expose the issues at TS because many other employees suffer from similar problems. For many reasons, I was reluctant to file a lawsuit or report and kept my sufferings and concerns to myself. But some of the remaining employees at TS Entertainment are facing wage arrears. In order to not be victimized any longer, I am now facing the issue head on. I want people to know the truth. And I do not want TS to exaggerate and lie to the media.

– Employee A

Aside from failing to pay employees, the director of TS Entertainment is under fire for verbally abusing artists Sleepy and D.Action. They are also currently in the midst of a legal battle with Sleepy and SONAMOO‘s Nahyun and Sumin.

Source: SportsSeoul and Reddit