TS Entertainment Label Mate Nahyun Shows Support For TRCNG’s Wooyeop And Taeseon

She understands what they’re going through.

SONAMOO‘s Nahyun has shown her support for her label mates.

As reported earlier, TRCNG members Wooyeop and Taeseon recently filed a lawsuit against their agency, TS Entertainment, for child abuse, assault and extortion. TS Entertainment soon denied those claims and announced that they will be filing their own lawsuit against the two members.

An article was released on Naver in support of all the artists who had filed lawsuits against TS Entertainment. The article talked about how TS Entertainment Director Park Sang Hyun would place all the blame on the artists, and among the artists named in the article, mentioned the TRCNG members and SONAMOO’s Sumin and Nahyun, who had also filed lawsuits against the agency earlier this year.

On November 19, Nahyun tweeted a link of the article, with the caption:


Thank you so much for the article.


Fans believe this to be a show of support for Wooyeop and Taeseon, as well as gratitude for the acknowledgment of her own situation with the agency. They flooded her tweet with supportive and loving messages:


Both Sumin and Nahyun have been embroiled in a legal dispute with TS Entertainment since September 23.