TS Entertainment releases first statement after B.A.P files lawsuit

TS Entertainment has spoken up for the first time since artists B.A.P announced their lawsuit against the agency, claiming unfair wages and requesting a contract nullification.

Just moments ago, we reported that B.A.P revealed in a statement that TS Entertainment had earned over $9 million USD in a three year span, while the members only received $16,000 USD. The report of the earnings came shortly after media outlets broke news that B.A.P would be filing a lawsuit for contract nullification, as a whole group, with all members involved.

Shortly afterwards, TS Entertainment began trending worldwide on Twitter, and now the agency has spoken up for the first time in an official statement. The company revealed:

“TS Entertainment has always worked to aid B.A.P in diversifying their activities and have put our all into working towards a mutual goal. B.A.P has minimized all official schedules, as was stated on October 28th through their official channel, and it was through a mutual understanding and with all parties’ consent.

We were in the midst of discussing future plans regarding the agreement of artists when we heard about the lawsuit through reports. We are still confirming the details, but ‘unfair terms’ and ‘slave contracts’ mentioned in several of the reports are not true. We never treated our artists unfairly. We are trying to find the truth behind this supposed lawsuit as fast as possible in order to act officially.”

Stay tuned for more on this breaking and developing story.

Source: Aju News