TS Entertainment Claims the Real Issue Was TRCNG Wooyeop’s “Women Problems”

Wooyeop’s mother refuted TS Entertainment’s claims.

In the midst of TRCNG Wooyeop and Taeseon‘s lawsuit against TS Entertainment for child abuse, assault, and extortion, TS Entertainment recently claimed that the real problem was Wooyeop’s “women problems”, while Wooyeop’s mother is refuting the claims saying they’re trying to shift the blame.

In an interview with Sports World, TS Entertainment claimed that the accusations are false and that there was another reason for why Wooyeop could no longer participate in TRNCG’s activities.

Wooyeop and Taeseon’s claims are false. The remaining 8 members are currently active in Japan. And there’s a reason for that. Wooyeop got involved with a stylist at our company, which got in the way of his activities. After geting involved with that stylist, Wooyeop skipped practice and went out to have fun at night, so the comeback hada to be delayed. The two members withdrew from the team without notice. The other members are feeling betrayed, and the members’ parents are angry.

– TS Entertainment

On the other hand, Wooyeop’s mother refuted the claims saying it’s wrong to put all of the responsibility on Wooyeop’s “women problems”.

It’s true that Wooyeop was with that stylist for around 2 weeks. But it’s definitely wrong to put all of the responsibility on Wooyeop’s women problems.

– Wooyeop’s Mother

Wooyeop’s mother explained that Wooyeop did the best he could to make sure the comeback wasn’t delayed and that the reason for the delay was TS Entertainment’s financial difficulties due to Sleepy’s scandal.

Wooyeop was receiving psychiatric treatment at the time, but he didn’t want the comeback to be delayed because of him, so he even participated in the 2019 Game Dolympic. The real reason why their comeback was delayed was because of TS Entertainment’s financial difficulties after Sleepy’s scandal.

– Wooyeop’s Mother

Wooyeop’s mother also claimed that Wooyeop was indeed assaulted by Choreographer Yoon but that they received no apology.

It’s true that Wooyeop was assaulted by Choreographer Yoon. But we have never received an apology for it. Even when he was in a half comatose state in the hospital, the manager came to the hospital and suspiciously asked the doctor if he was really beaten, and the doctor asked if he was the one who did it in a very angry tone. I’m willing to reveal the medical diagnosis if you want.

– Wooyeop’s Mother

Regarding TS Entertainment’s claim that the other members are angry, Wooyeop’s mother explained that all of the members’ parents are working together to leave the agency.

Due to TS Entertainment’s management issues, all of the members’ parents agreed to leave the agency, and we notified them on October 19. I eve have a petition that all of us signed.

– Wooyeop’s Mother

One related person in the industry shared their opinion on the matter by expressing that TS Entertainment is avoiding addressing the issue of child abuse and trying to cover up their faults by constantly bringing up Wooyeop’s “women problems”.

Source: Naver News
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