TV Personality Kim Sae Rom’s Instagram Gets Flooded With Hate Comments After She Mentions “Unanswered Questions”

She then apologized for what she said.

Television personality Kim Sae Rom is a preferred regular on South Korean home shopping channels, since her “bubbly bright” nature is often well-received by viewers.

Kim Sae Rom | @moreasy/Instagram

Unfortunately, following her latest appearance on GS Home Shopping to promote Dyson brand’s Airwrap styling kit, Kim Sae Rom is facing criticism for making an inappropriate comment.

At the same time Kim Sae Rom was hosting her home shopping segment, SBS‘s Unanswered Questions was airing a follow-up episode about the death of Baby Jung In. And because the initial coverage on the brutal case of child abuse had the nation so shook, the follow-up episode gained a tremendous amount of attention.

Unanswered Question’s “Where We Should Direct Our Rage” episode about Baby Jung In. | @SBSNow/YouTube

Reacting to the attention being given SBS, Kim Sae Rom commented, “Now is not the time to be watching Unanswered Question” but rather to be ordering the product. Though she meant no harm, the comment ended up offending the viewers of both the home shopping channel and Unanswered Questions.

Shortly after the segment, Kim Sae Rom’s Instagram saw an intense spike in hate comments. Viewers criticized her for “belittling a competitor program for attention” as well as “being thoughtless over a grave matter like child abuse“.

Comments on Kim Sae Rom’s Instagram. | @moreasy/Instagram

As viewer concerns grew, Kim Sae Rom issued an official apology — claiming she “did not know Unanswered Questions was covering the death of Baby Jung In at the time“.

Hello, this is Kim Sae Rom. I’m writing to let you know that I’m sorry for my comment on the home shopping segment that aired a while ago. When I mentioned the other program, I did not know it was covering the news that recently broke all our hearts. I was devastated by her story too. Plus, I should have known that the program is likely to cover serious stories in general. So I was rash to comment that my segment is in any way more important than the program. The criticism left in the comments section has taught me a lot. I will continue to reflect on my mistake from today. I apologize.

— Kim Sae Rom

Meawhile, GS Home Shopping has removed the episode in question from the channel from rerunning.

Source: Dailian and @moreasy