TV Show Steven Universe’s Korea Episode Almost Featured 2NE1

The incredibly popular Cartoon Network show, Steven Universe, nearly had a promo that featured 2nE1 for their episode around Korea but ended up being put aside.

Jane Bak, an artist that works for Cartoon Network, uploaded an illustration of 2NE1 for Steven Universe on her Twitter account. She revealed that it was initially created as the promo for Season 4’s Episode 11, which features South Korea.

However, she ended up feeling too weird about it due to 2NE1 unfortunately disbanding. The artist revealed she was a huge fan of 2NE1, crying along with fans about the news of them disbanding.

It’s clear she was a huge fan with her responses to fans who wanted confirmation that it was really 2NE1. The artist linked to songs by 2NE1 and responded to other BlackJacks who were disappointed to say the least, about the girls parting ways as a group.

Later on, Jane clarified that the drawing she made with 2NE1 was simply for herself and will most likely not appear in the episode or be “canon”, which generally means being officially accepted as part of the storyline or show.

S4E11 of Steven Universe is set to air tonight and is titled “Steven’s Dream“. It will partly take place in South Korea, hence the promotional images.

Here’s what the eventual promo image for the episode turned out to be:

Jane Bak is a highly talented artist who draws other great illustrations that aren’t necessarily in the same vein. Make sure to check out her other, vast range of wonderful works at her official website and Instagram below!

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