tvN’s “Amazing Saturday” Apologizes for Controversy Surrounding Kim Kang Hoon’s Costume

“As a viewer, it’s hard to understand why you included such a symbol on the show.” – Viewer

tvN‘s Amazing Saturday made a formal apology regarding the controversy surrounding a costume that the actor, Kim Kang Hoon recently wore on the show.

Regarding the controversy, the producers expressed,

We’d like to apologize for not recognizing an important fact of history. Thank you to those who brought it to our attention.

– tvN

They continued,

The costume in question was borrowed from a costume rental shop that the producers regularly borrow from, and Kim Kang Hoon, the producers, and the rental shop were unaware of the issue. As a result, we proceeded with filming and airing of the episode without any suspicion. We were informed of the issue today, and after taking appropriate measures, we’re posting this apology.

– tvN

The producers also explained that they plan to blur out the outfit in question, notify the rental shop of the issue, apologize to Kim Kang Hoon, and keep viewers updated on the progress.


The producers concluded,

We’d like to apologize once again, and by producing shows in a more thoughtful manner, we will make an effort to become a program that promotes healthy humor.

– tvN

Ahead of the apology, a viewer took to the show’s bulletin board to notify the show of concern.

I’m inquiring about the outfit that the actor, Kim Kang Hoon wore on the show that aired on the 20th. On the show, Kim Kang Hoon wore an outfit that mimics the armor worn by Kim Shin from the drama, ‘Goblin.’ But the letters on the armor are inappropriate.

– Viewer

The viewer continued to explain that the letters were used as the family name of a famous Japanese historical figure named Ishida Mitsunari. But the issue is that Ishida Mitsunari participated in the Japanese Invasion of Korea in 1592.

As such, the viewer stressed, “As a viewer, it’s hard to understand why you included such a symbol on the show. I think the show should provide a speedy explanation for Kim Kang Hoon’s sake.

Source: Dispatch