“Twenty Five Twenty One” Actress Kim Tae Ri Remembers Her First Love…But Not In A Fond Way

He obviously wasn’t like Baek Yi Jin!

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Actress Kim Tae Ri of tvN‘s Twenty Five Twenty One recently sat down for an interview following the K-Drama’s bittersweet finale.

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Much to the disappointment of many fans, Na Hee Do (played by Kim Tae Ri) and Baek Yi Jin (played by Nam Joo Hyuk)—broke up and went their separate ways for good.

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When asked what she felt about the ending, she explained that she couldn’t relate to it because she personally didn’t have a traditional, K-Drama-like “first love.” She described the story as “like a fantasy” in her eyes.

I personally don’t have the typical ‘first love’ experience as most do. So it felt like a fantasy to me.

— Kim Tae Ri

While on the topic, Kim Tae Ri was asked about her personal experience. What was the first love of one of Korea’s top actresses like?

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Upon hearing the question, however, she rolled her eyes and refused to talk about him. “I don’t want to talk about my first love,” she said. The memory clearly wasn’t a sweet one!

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She even joked that she doesn’t remember him. Although she refused to dish on what happened, Kim Tae Ri did offer one detail—that it was nothing like Hee Do’s relationship with Baek Yi Jin in Twenty Five Twenty One.

I don’t even remember… Actually, that’s a lie. But I can tell you that it was nothing like Hee Do’s first love.

— Kim Tae Ri

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A relationship like the one Baek Yi Jin and Na Hee Do shared is, indeed, rare. The people who also have a magical and life-altering first love are lucky!

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Apart from talking about her first love, Kim Tae Ri also shared her thoughts on Twenty Five Twenty One‘s finale. Read more about it here:

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