K-Drama “Vincenzo” Sees A Steady Rise In Viewer Ratings, Hits New All-Time High

This snazzy duo is out to break more records!

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As channel tvN‘s new weekend series to air following Mr. Queen, the “evil vs. evil” K-Drama Vincenzo has seen a steady rise in the viewer ratings!

“Vincenzo” Poster | tvN

Featuring actor Song Joong Ki and all of his handsomeness, Vincenzo premiered at 7.7% — considered a solid start for being pitted against the highly anticipated second season of Penthouse.

Actor Song Joong Ki | @CJnDrama/Twitter

By the end of episode 4, featuring a surprise ending which revealed 2PM‘s Taecyeon to be the main villain of the series, Vincenzo broke 10.2%.

2PM’s Taecyeon as Babel Corporation’s real, sociopathic chairman. | @CJnDrama/Twitter

As the tension builds around what is a David vs. Goliath situation — between Jipuragi Law Firm and Babel Corporation, the latest episode 6 hit a new all-time high for the show at 11.1% (12.2% in metropolitan areas).

The “Davids” against Babel Corporation. | @CJnDrama/Twitter

Plus, with the series subtly introducing a potential romance to spark between Song Joong Ki’s character and female lead actress Jeon Yeo Bin‘s…

… the ratings are only going to go up, viewers anticipate. In fact, since only 6 episodes into the series, Vincenzo has plenty of room in the next 14 episodes for even more record breaking!

Watch the trailer for next week’s episode 7 here.

Source: NamuWiki