TVXQ’s Changmin Personally Announces His Upcoming Marriage To Girlfriend

Congratulations to the couple!

TVXQ‘s Changmin has just personally announced he will be marrying his girlfriend on September 5.

Changmin personally posted a handwritten letter on TVXQ’s fan cafe announcing his marriage to his girlfriend, which was reported by the press in December 2019. His girlfriend is a non-celebrity who is younger than him, but no other details are known about her.

Hello, this is TVXQ’s Changmin.

I have something I wanted to tell my fans in person, so I took up the courage to write this. Since it is not something that I can lightly and easily say, I was nervous writing each word, and still am nervous about it.

I know some of my fans who have greatly supported me might be disappointed in me for this sudden piece of news, and I feel sorry about that. But I thought it was only right for me to tell you personally, not from someone else.

It has been about 17 years since I debuted as a singer. In that time, a high school student who was clumsy and childish at everything became a man in his mid 30’s. I have lived almost half my life as TVXQ.

Looking back on it, there was a time where Yunho and I, and all the fans, were worried about what would happen to TVXQ in the future, but thanks to your support and love for TVXQ, we have been able to grow. Thank you all so much.

As you all know from a recent article, there is a woman that I am dating right now. We have a good relationship with our trust and faith in each other, and naturally I have decided to share my life with this person. We have decided to hold our wedding ceremony in September after the heat of the summer. I would like to thank Yunho for supporting my decision, and my agency for their sincere advice and comments.

I think the path I am trying to take now is a path with far more responsibility than any path I have taken so far. So I will do my best at all times and be even more proper than now. I will be the head of a family and a TVXQ member that will repay the love and support from those who send it to me.

These days, it seems to be like a hot summer already, but it’s also a time where many things in the world seem frozen. Please watch out for your physical and mental health, and thank you very much for reading this long letter.

— Changmin

SM Entertainment also released their statement congratulating Changmin on his marriage.

We would like to let everyone know about Changmin’s news. He will be marrying his girlfriend on September 5.

In consideration of the bride-to-be and the families of both parties, all details of the wedding, including specific venue and time, will be private.

Changmin will continue to show great performances as a member of TVXQ and as an artist. Please congratulate him, as he is about to make a new chapter of his life.

— SM Entertainment

Source: Sports Chosun and iMBC