TVXQ Yunho Reveals How He Overcame Trauma After Being Poisoned With Orange Juice

He couldn’t drink orange juice for a long time.

On January 23rd’s episode of Radio Star, TVXQ’s Yunho talked about his traumatic experience with poisoned orange juice and revealed how he overcame it.


In 2006, Yunho was given orange juice with super glue mixed into it by an anti-fan who disguised herself as a fan. Shortly after drinking it, he was rushed to the hospital and was able to recover from it physically but he was traumatized and could not drink orange juice for a long time.


Yunho explained that he was frustrated and decided to make a plan to overcome his fear.

I was so angry with myself. First of all, I felt trapped when I went to the location. And since it was a disease of the mind, I decided to overcome the fundamental aspect first.

ㅡ Yunho


So what he did was set a line of orange juice (from the same brand) and force himself to go through the experience again.

I set 10 cans of the same orange juice in front of me and told myself to open it.

ㅡ Yunho


When he opened the first can, however, his hand started shaking but this did not hinder Yunho’s will to overcome this traumatic experience.

But as I opened the can, my hands started shaking. But I thought to myself, if I don’t drink this now, I’ll never be able to drink it again. So I held my shaking hand and drank it.

ㅡ Yunho


He confessed that he wasn’t able to overcome the fear after his first time, but that it got better gradually and now he could drink orange juice with no problem!

It’s a lie to say it got better after one try but it got better gradually. Now I have no problem.

ㅡ Yunho


In fact, he can now down his orange juices!

Now I open them up and one-shot them like this!

ㅡ Yunho


Watch the full video below:


Source: Naver TV