TXT’s Beomgyu Reacts To The Ending Of K-Drama “Twenty Five Twenty One”

He had a lot of thoughts about how the drama ended.

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Holding a live broadcast the day after the popular drama Twenty Five Twenty One aired its final episode, TXT‘s Beomgyu couldn’t wait to talk about it with fans.

Remembering how he reacted when watching the final episode, Beomgyu confessed that he cried from the heartbreaking scenes. He’d also been a bit disappointed.

I really cried so much watching the [ending]. I mean… It was so sad…

— Beomgyu

Beomgyu enjoyed seeing Hee Do and Yi Jin happy and said, “I really liked the drama until the part where the two characters were, like, dating but not really dating.

Trying to put his thoughts into words, Beomgyu said, “The last episodes were okay,” and pointed out why the ending hadn’t been a surprise.

Beomgyu noted that even though “everyone wanted the obvious ending because it’s a drama, and you want your wish to come true,” he figured out a happy ending wasn’t in the cards. Although it made him “a bit sad,” Beomgyu remembered a moment early in the drama that hinted at the heartbreaking ending.

But I could feel that the two won’t end up together from the middle of the drama. Because in the beginning of the drama, Hee Do’s mom…

Set in 2022, her mom said something like, ‘Yi Jin stopped by,’ and there was no dad…

— Beomgyu

While reading fans’ comments, Beomgyu came across the question of what he thought “about Yi Jin’s death.

Referring to the same scene as before, Beomgyu pointed out that it may not have been what it seemed. He responded, “I mean, he would have lived in 2022. Because her mom said, ‘Yi Jin stopped by.’

When Soobin appeared later on in the live broadcast and asked Beomgyu if he liked the ending, Beomgyu was quick with his denial. He answered, “No,” making both of them laugh.

Based on the emotional reactions from other viewers, Beomgyu wasn’t alone in shedding tears over Yi Jin and Hee Do not getting the happily ever after everyone wanted.

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Source: Naver Live

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