“Twenty Five Twenty One” Actress Kim Tae Ri’s High School Friends Messaged Her After The Show—Here’s Why

They texted her after watching her play the role of a high schooler in the show!

Twenty Five Twenty One is currently gaining tons of traction all over the world, and Kim Tae Ri, in particular, is receiving love from fans all over the world for her portrayal of a high school girl!

Kim Tae Ri | @kimtaeri_official/Instagram

In the show, Kim Tae Ri plays the role of Na Hee Do, a high schooler who’s a part of her school’s fencing team, and navigates her life from her teenage to her adult years.

Even as a 32-year-old, Kim Tae Ri seamlessly flowed into her character, and pulled off her role as a teenager perfectly!

| @kimtaeri_official/Instagram

She revealed that after watching the show, some friends of hers from high school messaged her to tell her how nostalgic she made them about their time in high school together!

| @kimtaeri_official/Instagram

She shared that since she’s so similar to her character, it was inevitable that they did!

A part of me is like Hee-do. When I’m in the mood, I can be very spirited. So people might get sick of me. I can get out of control and be like a child when I get really excited.

—Kim Tae Ri

Fans everywhere are applauding Kim Tae Ri for a job well done—she absolutely killed it!

Source: The Korea Times

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