“Twenty Five Twenty One” Kim Tae Ri Praises Nam Joo Hyuk As Being “The Best” To Work With

She shared how amazing Nam Joo Hyuk is behind the scenes.

As the popular yet controversial drama Twenty Five Twenty One comes to an end, actress Kim Tae Ri revealed how amazing it was to film alongside actor Nam Joo Hyuk for the beloved series.

Nam Joo Hyuk and Kim Tae Ri.

As soon as Nam Joo Hyuk came up during Kim Tae Ri’s interview, she praised him as being “the best.” She complimented the actor on being humorous yet professional. Kim Tae Ri also shared how much Nam Joo Hyuk supported others while filming.

He’s really witty. He doesn’t let his emotions dictate his mood. He is always energetic and working to energize those around him.

— Kim Tae Ri

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Kim Tae Ri not only praised Nam Joo Hyuk for keeping everyone upbeat during filming, but also for teaching her new things as an actress. Kim Tae Ri said, “Even on camera, he brings that energy with him and keeps the vibe humorous. I think that’s his greatest asset and I learned a lot from him, as a costar in the same industry.

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Kim Tae Ri continued to compliment Nam Joo Hyuk and appreciated how enjoyable he made filming the series. She concluded, “He is also great at improvising, so I had a lot of fun shooting with him.

While the show coming to an end has left viewers sad there won’t be any more episodes, at least viewers and the actors enjoyed the wild ride that was Twenty Five Twenty One.

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