“Twenty Five Twenty One” Actress Kim Tae Ri Opens Up About Her Regrets About Her Character In The K-Drama

She shared that with respect to the character of Na Hee Do, she has regrets about it.

Right now, Twenty Five Twenty One is one of the hottest K-Dramas in the world, and along with the storyline, fans everywhere are falling for the cast as well!

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Kim Tae Ri recently sat down for an interview, where she talked about her role, her co-stars, and more!

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In the interview, she talked about her character, Na Hee Do, and shared how she was able to instantly bond with her character without any extra effort at all!

I read through the script smoothly … when I read my lines out loud, I just felt as if I were really Hee Do. I didn’t have any pressure over how I should portray this character…Hee Do is such a free-spirited child and I had never met this kind of character so it was a new experience.

—Kim Tae Ri

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She then revealed her regrets that stemmed from the drama becoming popular, and said that she wished she put more effort into her character after seeing all the positive reactions all over the world.

I feel like I could have done more with the character. I didn’t know that viewers would love Hee-do this much. If I had known that viewers see her as so cute and lovely, I would’ve tried to make the character more dynamic.

But I didn’t have enough courage.

—Kim Tae Ri

Fans still feel that she portrayed Na Hee Do perfectly, and are proud of how well she’s done throughout the drama!

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