“Twenty Five Twenty One” Actress Kim Tae Ri Hilariously Shares That WJSN’s Bona Wanted To Sue Her—Here’s Why

She revealed why Bona wanted to sue her during filming!

The K-Drama Twenty Five Twenty One is currently gaining a lot of traction among viewers all over the world, and is quickly becoming a must-watch for K-Drama lovers everywhere!

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Kim Tae Ri and Bona are playing the roles of Na Hee Do and Ko Yu Rim respectively, and are rivals in the sport of fencing.

Kim Tae Ri and Bona

Kim Tae Ri and Nam Joo Hyuk recently appeared on a show called Twenty Five Twenty One x NOW Special Show with Jaejae as a host, where they talked about the drama, their characters, and more!

Jaejae soon asked Kim Tae Ri to comment on her chemistry with Bona, and to share what she thinks of her!

A lot of people are curious about your chemistry with Bona!


Kim Tae Ri brought up how she and Bona got along great, and talked about their time on set! She revealed that while filming, the both of them were extremely afraid of hurting each other while trying to pull off their fencing scenes perfectly, and would often practice by themselves to do them well!

In the drama, we have to actually be rivals. We have to fight, so… [I said] ‘Hey, let’s play matches more often in advance before the filming starts.’ So when we first played a match, I was so glad we did it. Because we were actually afraid to hit each other. We were afraid we might injure or hurt each other. We couldn’t do it well.

We both felt like we have to practice a lot. So we played a lot of matches beforehand.

—Kim Tae Ri

Jaejae then asked if, as a result of the many matches they played, there were any incidents at all that happened between the two. Kim Tae Ri hilariously shared that when incidents would end up happening, Bona would turn to her manager to ask for their company’s contact number, in case she wants to “sue”!

There were incidents. Bona always said this to my manager: ‘Let me know your company’s number’. She wanted to sue me! I injured her a lot.

—Kim Tae Ri

That shows how hard both Kim Tae Ri and Bona worked to make the scenes look as amazing as they did!

Bona and Kim Tae Ri

Twenty Five Twenty One airs on tvN, and you can also stream it on Netflix. You can watch Kim Tae Ri talk about this hilarious moment here!

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