TWICE Were Acting Like Proud Grandmas Throughout ITZY’s Whole Performance At The MGMA’s

The unnies of the year strike again.

The interactions between TWICE and their company juniors ITZY at the 2019 M2 x Genie Music Awards have been warming the hearts of ONCE and MIDZY alike.

TWICE were acting like proud mothers when ITZY won their first-ever award but new fancams have been released which show how the group reacted to their junior’s on-stage performance of ICY.

As soon as ICY began to play, TWICE began to goofily dance around in their seats.

Antics like Momo and Jihyo pretending to sing into an imaginary microphone during the song’s chorus made TWICE seem like slightly-embarrassing grandmothers cheering on their grandchildren.

TWICE once again proved why they’re the unnies of the year as they enthusiastically cheered and danced to ITZY’s performance.

You can watch the full video below: