TWICE’s Reaction To ITZY’s First Music Award Is The Energy We All Need In Our Lives

And the unnie of the year award goes to…!

ITZY recently won their first-ever music awards ceremony win at the 2019 M2 X GENIE MUSIC AWARDS! They were awarded “The Female New Artist” award, which is awarded to the best female rookie of the year!


The girls were so surprised by the announcement of their name as they paused to thank everyone before going up to give their speech.


But netizens and fans were more surprised by the amount of energy TWICE had when ITZY was announced the winner! Jeongyeon immediately got up even before the announcement was made to cheer for her label juniors!


As ITZY were still in shock, the TWICE members were all standing and showering them love as they celebrated ITZY’s win!


They even remained standing and cheering for a long time as ITZY got up to the stage.


The support didn’t end there! As the ITZY members were giving their first-ever awards speech…


The TWICE members looked on like proud mother hens as they couldn’t hide their excitement for their younger sisters!


The love between the two groups didn’t go unnoticed by fans as many declared TWICE the “Unnies Of The Year” for how much they celebrated ITZY’s win!


Here’s to more sweet moments between the JYP Nation family as they continue to soar high as royalties of K-Pop!