TWICE Reveals Why They Have The Desire To Try More Mature Concepts

“Alcohol-Free” is a step in this direction.

TWICE recently sat down with Rolling Stone to discuss how they feel about trying new concepts over the years and branching out to new and more mature themes.

Nayeon shared that as the group changes over the years and tries new concepts, it’s a new and exciting feeling for both the members and fans. Similarly, Momo revealed how their recent shift to more mature themes is a new chapter for them.

However, she doesn’t want to veer too far from the “fresh” side of TWICE they were originally known for.

We started doing more mature concepts last year, which are quite different from the bright and fun concepts that we first came out with. I’d love to continue doing both concepts and switching back and forth.

— Momo

Being able to execute both of these concepts is one of TWICE’s strengths, according to Nayeon. Additionally, Sana revealed how their latest EP Taste of Love is symbolic of their growth and directly stems from their previous concepts.

I recently saw something a fan posted about how we previously had a song called “What Is Love?” In that song, we sing about how love must be sweet like candy, and the fan mentioned that we must know what love is, since we are releasing “Taste of Love.” When I saw that, it made me reflect on how we’ve continued to evolve.

— Sana

Going forward, Tzuyu revealed that she wants to continue to experiment with new concepts. Mina, however, named “Cry For Me” as a memorable and unique concept she enjoyed since it was unlike anything TWICE had ever done before.

It was almost like the opposite of what we’ve done in the past. It stuck with me because we were able to try something very new.

— Mina

TWICE has proven they can handle a variety of concepts, so only time will tell what they will accomplish in the future!

Source: Rolling Stone


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