TWICE Shows Off Just How Petite They Are By Wearing These Scarves As Skirts And Tops

They fit perfectly!

TWICE‘s recent comeback “Alcohol-Free” features tropical vibes, love-struck lyrics, and killer outfits. However, fans might never guess that majority of their outfits are actually just scarves!

Sana | @twicewear/Instagram

Stunning Hermes and Versace silk scarves are utilized as both tube tops…

Jihyo | @twicewear/Instagram

…and strategically turned into halter tops. However, that’s not all: Some members are even rocking the gorgeous silk scarves as skirts.

Chaeyoung | @twicewear/Instagram

Crazily enough, some members’ entire outfits are comprised of two silk scarves — one for a top and one for a skirt!

Jihyo | @twicewear/Instagram

The glamorous scarves range from around $300 to over $1100…

Chaeyoung | @twicewear/Instagram

…so if you want to cop the stunning look for yourself, you’ll need to throw down some cash!

Momo | @twicewear/Instagram

Turning scarves into articles of clothing is not only multi-functional, but also creates a totally unique and luxurious look.

Nayeon | @twicewear/Instagram

Pencil skirts, skater skirts, bandeaus, halter tops — The options are endless!

Jeongyeon | @twicewear/Instagram

Check out the innovative looks in action below in the “Alcohol-Free” music video.