TWICE Announces Plan To Release English Version Of “MORE & MORE”

TWICE will be releasing an English version of the hit song!

Through their recent online concert, TWICE dropped a huge surprise on fans — announcing their plans to release an English version of their song “MORE & MORE”.

| @JYPETWICE/Twitter

After the final concert for their TWICELIGHTS in Seoul Finale concert was canceled due to the pandemic, TWICE decided to meet fans online through an ontact concert, Beyond LIVE – TWICE: World In A Day.

On August 9, TWICE held the online concert; getting the chance to chat with fans via the online platform and dazzling with performances of their hit songs like “FANCY”, “TT”, and their latest hit “MORE & MORE”. Jeongyeon performed seated due to health concerns.

| @JYPETWICE/Twitter

While the concert was full of exciting moments, TWICE added even more excitement with a surprising announcement. At the end of the concert, they revealed, “An English version of ‘MORE & MORE’ will be released!

Since releasing at the beginning of June, “MORE & MORE” has proven itself to be another one of TWICE’s mega-hits. It’s swept the charts, earned numerous records, and become a fan favorite. TWICE also stole even more hearts with the release of a Japanese version of the song as part of their sixth Japanese single Fanfare.


Although further details about the English version have not been revealed yet, fans couldn’t be more excited for the release! TWICE, meanwhile, were also recently confirmed to be preparing for their next comeback this October.

TWICE Reportedly Planning To Make A Comeback In October

Source: Star Today