Will TWICE’s August Comeback Be A Member Solo? Detective Fans Find Clues

The anticipation is… killin’ us good.

It’s going to be a bop summer! JYP Entertainment dropped an official teaser for TWICE‘s comeback in August 2023—building great anticipation among ONCEs.

TWICE | @kpop_sbs/Twitter

But, ever since the reveal, some detective fans believe there are clues to show that this teases member Jihyo‘s solo album.

TWICE’s Jihyo | @SpotifyKpop/Twitter

In addition to the obvious clue of a single hand on the steering wheel…

…ONCEs also pointed out that the teaser itself comes with the file name of “TW-JH-M1.” Could those abbreviations mean TWICE, Jihyo, and Mini-album #1?

| theqoo

In addition, ONCEs are convinced that the exclusive solo performance of Jihyo’s original, “Nightmare,” at TWICE’s recent concert hints that she has a lot prepared for the release!

While JYP Entertainment has not confirmed or denied the speculations, ONCEs remain thrilled over the news.

| theqoo
  • Gasp. A Jihyo solo album?! I can’t wait.”
  • “JIHYO!!!”
  • “Ooh. I’m excited because I feel like I’ll like the songs. I love Jihyo’s vocals.”
  • “Nice! I’m stoked for our dancer-main-vocalist’s performances!”
  • “Wow, looking forward to hearing Jihyo’s vocals.”
  • “Jihyo!!!”
  • “Geez. She’s f*cking gorgeous.”
  • “Wow, this is lit.”
  • “Oh, sh*t. JIHYO-YA!!!”
Source: theqoo