TWICE Shows Off Their Gorgeous, Bare-Faced Visuals In New Tour Vlog

They look great with and without makeup!

All the TWICE members are unbelievably beautiful and talented!


TWICE has started releasing TW-LOGs on their official YouTube channel from the US-leg of their record-breaking III tour. Tzuyu was the first member to release her TW-LOG, and she vlogged while the group was in Los Angeles for the opening two shows of the tour.

| TWICE/YouTube

As soon as her TW-LOG started, Tzuyu greeted ONCEs with her gorgeous bare-faced visuals!

Tzuyu applied sunscreen and concealer before she went to dinner with the other members, but she looked just as beautiful before she applied her concealer as she did after.

Tzuyu met up with Jeongyeon in the hall at their hotel, and Jeongyeon also looked beautiful without her makeup on. Her skin looked flawless!

Tzuyu vlogged backstage before TWICE’s first concert. She filmed while the members were waiting to get their makeup done before rehearsal. As she started vlogging, she showed Dahyun‘s bare face. Although half of Dahyun’s face was covered by her mask, we have no doubt that she looked beautiful with her bare face!

Next, Tzuyu showed Momo and Chaeyoung‘s gorgeous bare faces.

The other members didn’t appear without their makeup in this TW-LOG, but we know they looked just as gorgeous as these bare-faced members did!

Check out Tzuyu’s tour vlog below.