TWICE Is The Best-Selling K-Pop Girl Group In Japan

Congratulations, TWICE! 🎉

According to the Oricon Chart, TWICE has sold 3,438,971 albums in Japan, making them the best-selling K-Pop girl group in the country.

It’s no secret that TWICE is popular in Japan, with member Tzuyu being ranked among the most popular idols, and the group being referenced in the popular drama “So I Recommend”. In fact, they are so popular, their new Japanese maxi-single Breakthrough topped Billboard Japan Hot 100 from July 22 to 28!

Even with the presence of their J-Line, TWICE’s accomplishments in Japan is nothing to scoff at. Congratulations, TWICE, on the amazing accomplishment and a great job to all the ONCEs who helped them reach this incredible achievement.

Source: Billboard