TWICE Referenced In The Japanese Drama “So I Recommend”

Even fictional characters stan TWICE.

ONCEs were happy to learn that What is Love? was recently referenced in the Japanese drama So I Recommend.

So I Recommend tells the story of office lady Ai, who is an underground idol fan. In the third episode of the series, Ai is given a special gift by her oshi (favorite member) Hana of the group Sunny Side Up. She ponders what to do with the gift, which isn’t to her taste, while out drinking with her friends who are fellow idol otaku (fans). As she stares forlornly at her present, her friend Yone, who is thrilled about having gotten a new autograph on his otaku shirt, is posing enthusiastically in the background as another friend takes pictures for his Twitter account.

Another friend interjects, enthusiastically suggesting a pose, as others in the group try to take a stab at what he’s referencing. Their guesses range from AKB48‘s Teacher Teacher to TWICE‘s What is Love? to Pink Lady‘s classic UFO. The correct answer, he reveals, was Brainstorming by Morning Musume.

Although the fun dance moves from What is Love? wasn’t what was being recreated in the episode, it is important to note that TWICE was the lone K-Pop group mentioned in the same breath as long-standing, iconic J-Pop groups.

TWICE has surely cemented their place in pop culture history and although brief, the inclusion of the group is a reflection of their popularity outside of Korea, showcasing why they were awarded the “Hallyu Culture Grand Prize” for their achievements in Japan earlier this week.

Source: Real Sound