Netizens Have Mixed Reactions To TWICE’s Red Carpet Looks From The “2023 Billboard Women In Music Awards”

“Don’t get me wrong, it looks good but what p**ses me off…”

TWICE is one of the hottest groups in the world. Since debuting, the members have worked hard to earn a loyal fanbase of ONCEs.

The members of TWICE | @JYPETWICE/Twitter

Over the years, the members have constantly made waves in K-Pop across the world, winning the hearts of fans globally and showcasing their talent and charms.

Considering TWICE’s influence, it wasn’t surprising that fans couldn’t hide their excitement when it was announced that the group would attend and receive an award at Billboard‘s 2023 Billboard Women In Music Awards.

Yet, although it was a huge moment for TWICE, even before the event, many ONCEs didn’t have high hopes for the group.

Many shared that they were worried that the group wouldn’t be given the right outfits to allow it them to shine.

On March 1 (local time), the group arrived for the event’s red carpet, and as expected, the members’ visuals and charisma truly shined. As expected, they became the main event, with everyone wanting a taste of the group.

TWICE at the event | WMTV/YouTube
| WMTV/YouTube   

Of course, the members looked beautiful, and netizens couldn’t hide just how much they shined amongst all the huge stars.

Yet, while many loved the looks, others couldn’t hide their disappointment at the “lack of effort” from JYP Entertainment.

In particular, many noticed that the outfits were identical to the ones the group wore in their music video for “Moonlight Sunrise,” which they were performing at the event.

TWICE’s mv for “Moonlight Sunrise” | JYP Entertainment/YouTube
| JYP Entertainment/YouTube   

Although it could’ve been an issue of timing, many thought that the members deserved better and could’ve even made edits to the looks to make them more red-carpet-worthy.

Even though TWICE truly stole the show and did amazing, netizens wanted the group to have a look on the red carpet that made them stand out even more and showcase the importance of the event.

You can read more about the event below.

TWICE Literally Steals The Show At The “2023 Billboard Women In Music Awards,” And Fellow Attendees Didn’t Know How To React


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