TWICE Is Now On Bubble – And Here’s Why Nayeon Is Having The Time Of Her Life On The App

We’re happy if Nayeon’s happy!

For those not yet in the know, Dear. U Bubble is a messaging function in the LYSN application that allows fans and idols to communicate. It is a paid subscription service that allows idols to send messages in bulk to fans who are in the service, and fans can reply 3 messages for every 1 message that the idol sends. Idols can also read these messages from fans.

TWICE has recently been added to the Bubble roster and fans are over the moon with joy…

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…but perhaps Nayeon is even happier for the new platform.

Fans have noted that she seems to be particularly happy, and for two reasons. Firstly, Nayeon’s hobby used to be changing her KakaoTalk messenger profile photo, but has been unable to do this for years due to sasaeng stalkers. She now can use Bubble and change her profile picture to her heart’s content!

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Next, Nayeon has stated that she has often been playfully ignored in the group chat with her members due to her overzealous and high-tension nature. Now, ONCEs can reply her when she sends out messages instead!

ONCEs sure are blessed! Will you be subscribing to her Bubble?

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