TWICE Lovingly Celebrate Their 1500th Day Anniversary With ONCEs

Its been 1500 days since TWICE debuted!

The members of TWICE have completed 1500 days since their debut, and celebrated this heartwarming milestone!

Jeongyeon addressed the days that they’ve spent as TWICE during their winning speech at the 2019 Asia Artist Awards, remarking how their Daesang was especially meaningful because ONCEs helped them win it during their 1500 day anniversary!

In Korea time today, its our 1500 day anniversary. We completed 1500 days since our debut. Even though there are many groups here that are much more senior to us, I still want to congratulate us for our 1500 days anniversary. Congratulations to ONCE as well. We’ll be returning today’s Daesang to ONCE, thank you!


Image credit: NONO961101


Her fellow members also later uploaded individual posts in celebration, and thanked ONCEs for being there or them all this time!

Momo put up an Instagram story where she congratulated ONCEs for their anniversary, and uploaded a few pictures of herself smiling wide!


Jihyo uploaded a post on their Instagram next, and in the caption, talked about how quickly times passes, and promised to be a cooler person by the time their 2000 days anniversary rolls around.

When did it become 1500 days? Time passes by so quickly. I’ll become a cooler person by the 2000th day. The weather has become cold, so be careful not to be sick. Now then, byong



Nayeon uploaded another post, and told ONCEs that she wants to be with them until their 1500000th day!



Lets be together till theย 1500000th day!!



Sana also uploaded her own individual post, where she relayed how happy she was to be able to celebrate their 1500 days together.


I’m so happy to be able to be together for 1500 days

Lets be even happier on our 2000th day



With their win at the at the 2019 Asia Artist Awards, TWICE is now the girl group with the most number of Daesangs, having won 15 of them in 1500 days. They recently made their top-charting Japanese comeback with second full album &TWICE, and title track “Fake & True”.

Watch the MV to celebrate here!