TWICE’s Chaeyoung Stuns Fans With Her “Hot Girl” Style

Fans weren’t expecting an ab reveal.

TWICE‘s Chaeyoung is always stunning fans with her effortless visuals, leaving them enamored with all her different styles and looks.

Chaeyoung | @chaeyo.0/Instagram

Even captivating fans’ attention with simple selfies…

| @chaeyo.0/Instagram

Or blurry photos.

| @chaeyo.0/Instagram

But she especially captured fans’ attention with recent photos of her attending the N°1 DE CHANEL GARDEN opening event.

Fans were in awe of everything from her gorgeous new hairstyle…

To her simple but stylish outfit.

Even in fan-take pictures, Chaeyoung served effortless visuals.

And shocked fans with her unexpected ab reveal.

Hopefully fans will get to see more of hot girl Chaeyoung in the future.