TWICE’s Chaeyoung Cheers Members Up During “SCIENTIST” MV Filming With Hilariously Random Antics

She brightened up everyone’s day!

TWICE recently released the making of their “SCIENTIST” music video. Throughout the video, Chaeyoung made her members laugh out loud with her quirky antics and seemingly limitless energy.


For one, as the members waited to perform the choreography, Chaeyoung happily danced around with her oversized gloves.

She and Tzuyu even shared an air handshake!

Late at night, the girls moved to a different set. Before they started, Chaeyoung caught sight of the camera Jihyo held and danced like there was no tomorrow. Her funny expressions made it all the more memorable!

Nayeon saw her and joked that it was “too late for that” and that people will think they “don’t follow the trends anymore.”

Despite Nayeon’s warning, it wasn’t long before Chaeyoung did it again! Her members laughed as they saw her exaggerated dance moves.

In the same video, TWICE’s Tzuyu talked about dozing off in class and her favorite subject. Check it out here:

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Source: YouTube