TWICE’s Tzuyu Confidently Admits She Used To “Doze Off Often” In Class And Picks Her Favorite Subject

The way she said it 😂

TWICE‘s Tzuyu made rounds when her graduation pictures from Hanlim Multi Art School in South Korea were released online.


She looked beautiful and every bit the model student!

Contrary to her gentle appearance, however, she recently admitted that she wasn’t afraid to sleep in class.

In a behind the scenes video for the “SCIENTIST” MV, Tzuyu was seen acting out the part where she “sleeps” as she pretends to listen to a lesson.

Later on, she was asked if she “dozed off often in school,” and surprisingly, she confidently said that she did!

I dozed off quite a bit.

— Tzuyu

She was also asked what her favorite subject was. After thinking for a moment, she laughed and picked Physical Education.

I loved P.E.

— Tzuyu

It’s no wonder she did so well during TWICE’s sports day where she shocked everyone with her flexibility and athleticism!

Even if Tzuyu dozed off a lot during class, she still successfully graduated alongside Chaeyoung. Check out their graduation pictures below.

Tzuyu and Chaeyoung’s Graduation Album Photos Leaked on Social Media

Source: YouTube