TWICE’s Chaeyoung Rumored To Be Dating A Tattooist Following The Discovery Of Multiple Photos

Netizens are suspicious.

TWICE‘s Chaeyoung is facing dating rumors after netizens discovered photos posted by a tattoo artist in his 30s known as Chimhwasa (Jung Sung Hyun).

| @chimhwasa/Instagram

Recently, a foreign fan who follows Chimhwasa’s Instagram account shared that they discovered various photos that led them to believe that Chaeyoung is dating the tattooist.

| @chimhwasa/Instagram

The netizen raised the fact that the woman in his drawings had a mole on the left side of her chin just like Chaeyoung.

| @chimhwasa/Instagram

Moreover, the netizen shared photos showing both Chaeyoung and Chimhwasa wearing what seemed to be a similar ring on their left ring fingers.

| Online Community

And according to the netizen, Chaeyoung’s brother was supposedly following Chimhwasa’s Instagram account, adding to their suspicions.

| @chimhwasa/Instagram

In addition to these claims, another photo is circulating on the internet that netizens believe are Chaeyoung and Chimhwasa grocery shopping together.

| @cy_byetlqkf/Twitter

While all of this is just speculation with no statements made by the parties involved, netizens’ suspicions have continued to escalate, especially since Chimhwasa’s Instagram account has been shut down shortly after the controversy.

Source: @xmcdonaldo and @cy_byetlqkf