TWICE’s Chaeyoung Goes Viral After Fulfilling Fan’s Request On Stage


TWICE is back on their READY TO BE World Tour and kicked off their 2024 shows in Mexico City, Mexico, at Foro Sol stadium.

TWICE in Mexico City | @JYPETWICE/Twitter

TWICE recently performed two successful shows in Mexico City to a packed stadium, and the lucky ONCEs present were able to witness many unforgettable moments during the show.

Aerial view of TWICE performing at Foro Sol | @alex_parra_dron/Instagram

From a “1,3,2” encore stage to MISAMO moments to seeing “I Got You” live for the first time, to fun interactions between the members, it was a special return to the stage for the talented 9-member group.

TWICE’s Chaeyoung earned attention during the shows for her gorgeous visuals as netizens praised her styling.

Chaeyoung earned attention not only for her stunning visuals but also for her fan service and tattoos, which were on full display.

One video, in particular, went viral as Chaeyoung spotted a fan in the crowd who requested to see her back tattoo, which she unveiled for the first time last year.

Chaeyoung eagerly spun for ONCEs to get a better view of the body art, and one video of the moment alone earned over 21,000 likes on X (formerly known as Twitter) in less than 12 hours.

Fans are loving the captured moment and the fact that Chaeyoung is able to show off her tattoos to fans.

Check out more of her tattoos in the article below!

A Close-Up Look At Some Of TWICE Chaeyoung’s Gorgeous Tattoos