TWICE’s Chaeyoung Publicly Asks Mina The One Question Everyone Had In Mind After Watching “Marshmallow”

Fans couldn’t believe she asked it!

TWICE fans have been anticipating the unit debut of the three Japanese members for a while now. At long last, MISAMO—composed of Mina, Sana, and Momo—have released the music video to their track “Marshmallow!”

Momo (left), Mina (center), and Sana (right) | JYP Entertainment

“Marshmallow” has a relaxing and soothing melody that perfectly complements the girls’ vocals. The accompanying music video is cute while still showing off their mature side, not to mention their gorgeous visuals!

Following the release of the MV, Mina uploaded a set of photos on her personal Instagram account. She wore a black off-shoulder dress with a matching headband for the first three pictures, while the final one was a shot of her in one of the sets.

She didn’t leave any caption for the post, which is why the comment of fellow member Chaeyoung stood out all the more! The rapper commented something that many fans couldn’t believe she said.

She quipped, “Who did you put the hat on?”

The TWICE member was most likely referring to the scene in “Marshmallow” where Mina’s male bodyguard runs up to her and she casually places a cap on his head.

Because of his tall build and handsome face, it was a question that many fans were also curious about.

Those who read Chaeyoung’s comment found it absolutely hilarious. They cried out, “Son Chaeyoung ISTG,” “She’s so funny,” and “Here I am looking for the comment because I thought it was a joke.”

Others laughingly said that she was acting like a jealous girlfriend, and they were all for it.

There’s no doubt how funny Chaeyoung is! In related news, check out 10+ fan reactions to “Marshmallow” in the article below.

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