Fans Suspect That A TWICE Unit For “MiSaMo” Is In The Works

We can’t wait!

If you’re a TWICE or K-Pop fan in general, you’ve probably heard of the iconic MiSaMo. The moniker is made up of the names of the three Japanese members of TWICE — Mina, Sana, and Momo. They’re also known as the Bermuda Triangle of TWICE, given their visuals.

Left to right: Mina, Sana, Momo. | MSM

They’re known for their utterly different charms. Mina, the cold beauty, Sana, the adorable cutie, and Momo, the sexy dance queen.

Fans have been calling for a unit debut for ages. While Nayeon was the first TWICE member to step away from the group to make her solo debut, it seems like MiSaMo has something in the works. It was discovered that JYP Entertainment had filed for the copyright for the term “MiSaMo”.

Files for the term. | @twice_nmixx/Twitter  

Fans suspect that they might make a debut in Japan soon.

Netizen reactions to the news. | theqoo
  • “Will they promote in Japan?”
  • “Imma start gunning happily for MiSaMo now too.”
  • “Their name is really gonna be MiSaMo huh. Cute”
  • “Gasp, MiSaMo.”
  • “It’ll probably be a Japan debut, right? I want to see it soon. I’m curious about the song.”

A Japanese debut wouldn’t be off the table, given that the three hail from Japan! Whatever it is, we’re sure that it’ll be a banger!

Source: theqoo


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