TWICE Has Been Dubbed “Charity Angels” For 7 Months Straight (and Counting!), Here’s Why

ONCEs are seriously the sweetest!

ONCEs don’t just use their love of TWICE to support the group, but to also help those in need!

K-Pop media company myloveidol recently announced that TWICE had won the title of “charity angels” for the month of January 2019.

Certificate noting that 500,000 won (~$450 USD) has been donated in TWICE’s name

What this means is that this month, the company will donate 500,000 won (~$450 USD) to a charity in the group’s name.

In this specific case, the charity supported is the Kids & Future Foundation .

So how did ONCEs help?

Well, in the myloveidol app, users can do various in-app activities to boost their fave’s rankings. At the end of the month, myloveidol donates money to charity in the the “winning” idol/group’s name – and also dubs them a “Charity Angel” for the month.

Due to the sheer power of ONCEs, TWICE has held onto the “Charity Angel” title for 7 straight months, which is insane (in a good way!)

Due to TWICE’s stronghold on the top spot, myloveidol has so far donated about 5 million won ($4,480 USD) in the group’s name.

Funnily enough, Tzuyu has also held the individual title of female title of “Charity Angel” for the same amount of time – and also having money donated in her name.

All together, ONCEs have helped donate about 10 million won ($8,960 USD) in TWICE’s name.

ONCEs are seriously amazing, and we’re sure TWICE is proud of them as well!

Source: @myloveidol_kpop


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